Vitamin C 250 mg vegetarian, gelatin- free 90 gummies
Supplement Facts Vitamin C 250 mg vegetarian, gelatin- free 90 gummies

Vitamin C 250 mg 90 Gummies (Pack of 3)

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Pharma Essentials Vitamin C 250 mg per serving (2 gummies).

Each gummy contains 125 mg of Vitamin C

Each bottle contains 90 gummies

Benefits of Vitamin C:

Antioxidant that neutralize free radicals.

Supports healthy immune system. 

Plays an important role in collagen production, which supports healthy skin.

Our Vitamin C gummies are made with pectin, gelatin-free, and are free of pork ingredients and alcohol. So they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Our Vitamin C gummies are orange-flavored gummies. They are delicious and easy to chew. They are produced with natural colors and flavors. No artificial flavors.


Free of animal products

Free of pork 

ingredients and alcohol.

Free of food allergens: egg, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy and wheat.

Made in USA in a GMP certified facility and FDA registered facility.

Suggested use: children 2 years and older: chew one gummy daily. Gummies should be chewed before swallowing. 

Adults: chew 2 gummies daily, preferably with a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional. 

Caution: Take only as directed. Do not exceed suggested dosage.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 or individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place between 55 to 80 Fahrenheit (12.7- 26.6 Celsius) and away from direct light. Do not store product over 80°F ( 26.6°C). Relative Humidity must be less than 70%.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.