About Us

Pharma Essentials Inc. was founded in 2013 by an expert team of pharmacists and MBA holders. Pharma Essentials provides a wide variety of health-related products like vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements. Our solid background and experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry helped us to select premium products that are produced by leading manufacturers.

Our products are manufactured in the USA in FDA registered facilities with GMP certificates. Our products consistently meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

We care about you. That is why we choose the best for you. Our gummy vitamins’ formulas are made with pectin, gelatin-free, and are free of pork ingredients and alcohol, so they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as well as different ethnicity. Our gummy vitamins are delicious and packed with irresistible flavors; they are produced with natural colors and flavors.

We are looking for Distributors in the USA who are interested in distributing our products, as well as overseas distributors ready to register and sell our products abroad. We will provide you with all the required registration documents to meet the FDA registration requirements in your country.
We can customize the counts of the gummies per bottle to satisfy your markets’ needs: 60 gummies/bottle, 90 gummies/bottle, and 120 gummies/bottle.

We also sell our products on Amazon.com, Walmart.com and on other platforms.